Our latest stylised silhouettes are now available for the iconic Jaguar E-Type and trendsetting Jaguar XKs, with more to follow. Each beautiful silhouette is carefully stylised to capture the essence of the original design in its purest sculptural form. We aim to capture that stroke of classic genius showing only what the eye needs to understand the beautiful styling. The flag is a celebration of their success but is an option.

Our new leisurewear has been subtly designed to show off our beautiful silhouettes, capturing the style and exuberance of these automotive icons. Each garment is carefully chosen for wearing anytime – not just on sporting days! We want everyone to enjoy our clothing so we offer men and ladies different shapes on a compatible range and you can often request different colours for embroidery to match your wardrobe.

These designs are soon to be offered in personalised Heritage art and in their complete form, plus be sure to look out for a new range of garage art to be released shortly.

Some designs may become temporarily unavailable due to seasonal demand and manufacturers changes. Enquiries from those interested in partnering our designs are welcome.

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